Top corporate team building activities in Sussex

Corporate team building activities in Sussex provide organisations with a great opportunity to collaborate, boost morale, and enhance productivity amongst their employees.

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    In this article, we will explore a variety of exciting activities based in Sussex that are tailored to strengthen your corporate team.

    Why team building?

    Team building is not just a trend, but a necessity in the corporate world. It can bridge gaps in communication, enhance problem-solving skills, and build a sense of unity within your team.

    With a general shift towards hybrid working and working from home, the need for better team team building and open lines of communication has never been higher.

    Here are some innovative team building activities to achieve these goals.

    Outdoor adventures

    Sussex’s stunning natural beauty

    Embrace the lush landscapes and breathtaking coastline of Sussex with outdoor team-building activities. From hiking to kayaking, these activities challenge your team to work together and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.

    You can find out more about the beautiful gardens of Sussex on the Mid Sussex website.

    Gardens such as High Beeches in Handcross can offer groups a relaxing environment away from the office where they can build better communication away from the stressful corporate environment.

    Sussex also has a range of hiking options. From the Devil’s Dyke loop to the Ditchling Beacons loop in mid-Sussex, to the Arundel River loop in West Sussex or the South Downs National Park tour near Eastbourne, Sussex has many beautiful landscapes for hiking that could foster a sense of team building.

    Puzzle challenges

    Critical thinking and problem solving

    Puzzle challenges are a fantastic way to stimulate your team’s critical thinking skills. Riddles, escape rooms, and scavenger hunts offer engaging experiences that promote teamwork and creativity.

    list of the best escape rooms in Sussex can be found on the Trip Advisor website.

    Workshops and seminars

    Personal growth and learning

    Organising workshops and seminars on topics such as leadership, time management, or stress management can aid in personal and professional growth. These sessions can be a great platform for open discussion and idea sharing.

    At How To Basically, we play on this theme, bringing staff together at our mid-Sussex workshop. There they will work on skills that help them during the cost of living crisis, such as painting, plumbing and much more.

    These sessions give corporate teams the skillset to better manage their stress at home, whilst learning to work more effectively with their colleagues in a relaxed setting.

    Culinary delights

    Taste the success of teamwork

    Cooking classes and culinary competitions are a delightful way to bond with your team. Explore the world of flavours while learning to work together, communicate effectively, and create culinary masterpieces.

    If you choose this option, remember to consider the backgrounds of each of your staff members. Some may be uncomfortable in specific cooking classes because they choose not to deal with meat, for example, because of religious reasons or personal choices.

    Similarly, some staff members may have some dietary requirements that make some cooking classes less enjoyable for them.

    Arts and crafts

    Creativity Unleashed

    Indulge in artistic activities like pottery, painting, or crafting. These pursuits encourage creativity and are excellent for building communication skills and enhancing teamwork.

    At How To Basically, our bespoke courses focus on developing your staff with skills to help them in day to day life. They have the opportunity to try our painting, gardening, and many other creative household skills that they can put to practice to help with their bills.

    Charity initiatives

    Giving Back to the Community

    Engage in charity work to give your team a sense of purpose. Activities like volunteering, fundraising, or supporting local causes can not only build teamwork but also foster a sense of social responsibility.

    Adrenaline rush

    Thrills and Team Building

    For those who seek excitement, adrenaline-pumping adventures like go-karting, ziplining, or obstacle courses can provide an exhilarating bonding experience that pushes your team to their limits.

    At How To Basically, one of our favourite team building activities (away from our own courses) are the fantastic Team Sport Go Karting activities, which can be found in both Crawley and Brighton.

    Just remember, go karting can get very competitive and can be quite a rough activity, so make sure that your team is happy and comfortable partaking in such an activity.

    Sports tournaments

    Competition and Camaraderie

    Organising sports tournaments like football, cricket, or even a simple tug of war can unleash the competitive spirit within your team while promoting cooperation and unity.

    The quickest way to do this is to contact your local sports centre and ask for individualised pricing for your team.

    Just remember to be fair and be clear with the rules, whatever your activity ends up being. You don’t want to create more issues in your corporate team because the team building event got a bit too competitive!

    Downloading steps

    To get started with your corporate team building activities in Sussex, follow these simple steps or go to our in-depth guide to organising corporate team building activities:

    Choose your activity

    Select the team-building activity that aligns with your team’s goals and preferences. A viable option would be to give them 5 options and let them choose the best activity between them. Although this may not be viable with bigger teams.

    Plan your date

    Set a date that works for everyone and ensures maximum participation. If you have a big team, it’s unlikely everyone will be able to attend, and that’s okay.

    Book your venue

    Depending on the activity, book a suitable location or venue in Sussex. Many organisations, like How To Basically, will do all of the organisation for you, once you have confirmed the venue.

    Select a facilitator

    Having an experienced facilitator can greatly enhance the experience. At How To Basically we will pick the best facilitator depending on what activities your team want to do on the day.

    Prepare and participate

    Distribute any necessary materials, and actively participate in the chosen activity. Make sure your team know where they are going and when to be there!

    Team building activities in Sussex – A conclusion

    Corporate team building activities in Sussex offer a dynamic means to enhance team cohesion and overall performance.

    By fostering communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, these activities contribute to a harmonious and productive work environment.

    Embrace the diverse range of options Sussex has to offer and watch your team flourish.

    And if you’re still not sure which activity to choose, contact How To Basically to discuss one of our bespoke Corporate Team Building days.


    FAQ 1: What is the importance of team building activities?

    Answer: Team building activities are essential for enhancing communication, boosting morale, and improving collaboration within a corporate team. They promote problem-solving skills and a sense of unity.

    FAQ 2: Can team building activities be tailored to specific team goals?

    Answer: Absolutely. Team building activities can be customised to address specific objectives, such as improving leadership skills, enhancing creativity, or fostering social responsibility.

    At How To Basically we can tailor the learning around the skills you want to improve, whilst simultaneously allowing your team to gain specific life skills like painting, plumbing, car maintenance and more.

    FAQ 3: How can outdoor adventures benefit a corporate team?

    Answer: Outdoor activities challenge teams to work together in natural settings, fostering cooperation and appreciation for the great outdoors.

    At How To Basically, we believe fresh air is a tonic for a much happier life. Ensure your team are able to get some sun and fresh air once in a while, to revitalise them for the hard work ahead.

    FAQ 4: What are the benefits of culinary team building activities?

    Answer: Culinary activities improve teamwork, communication, and creativity as teams collaborate in the kitchen, creating delicious dishes together. They also allow workers to build on skills that will improve their day-to-day lives, improve their self esteem and offer them a fun option for relieving stress at the end of a hard day at work – if they enjoy cooking, that is!

    FAQ 5: How do charity initiatives enhance team unity?

    Answer: Engaging in charity work instills a sense of purpose and social responsibility among team members, strengthening their bonds while contributing to the community.

    At How To Basically, we believe in social responsibility, which is why our business is focused on providing individuals and teams with skills that will help them throughout the cost of living crisis that many of us are facing.

    Contact us about our team building activities in Sussex

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