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How to Basically is the brainchild of Justin Kelly who has created a space where people can learn useful, practical life skills. We run a range of in-person classes at our workshop in Mid Sussex. We also run mobile bespoke courses for bigger groups and work with a number of schools locally. 

We are a social enterprise with our profits being used to provide courses for free for those who would not otherwise have access to them.

Our focus is on teaching simple, practical life skills which are both mentally rewarding but also help lead to a more sustainable lifestyle by repairing and reusing items rather than throwing them away. Not only does this help reduce waste for a more sustainable future, but it helps save money; making people less reliant on third party help for basic jobs around the home and garden. 

We are passionate about empowering you with basic skills which, after a few hours in our workshop, you will be confident to put into practice at home. 

Meet Justin

“I wanted to create a space to teach current and future generations simple, basic life skills which are mentally rewarding, better for the environment and save you money”

 Justin has developed his own self-taught skills over the years doing property maintenance and working for a mechanic’s garage. During this time he started thinking about setting up How To Basically.

“When trying DIY I kept having to return to the hardware shop to ask more questions and buy/swap things. I kept thinking how helpful it would be if there was a one-stop-shop where they run you through the basics in all the useful practical skills. Somewhere with all the kit and you can practice how to do things, and make all the mistakes, in a safe space and not on your own home!”

In 2022 he took the plunge and left his job as a solicitor in the independent film industry to realise this idea. His aim is have How To Basically workshops available to as many people as possible from all walks of life.

We have a range of classes available, so which one is for you?

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Pop your name and email address in below to receive more information on available classes.

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