What to do after a corporate team building day

After a thrilling and engaging corporate team building day (hopefully with us at our workshop in Sussex!), the enthusiasm and positive energy among your team members are at an all-time high. But what should you do after a corporate team building day to maintain and harness that newfound synergy?

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    In this article, we’ll explore various strategies and activities to help you keep the team spirit alive, ensuring that the benefits of your team-building event continue to flourish.

    Just remember, you are always trying to put the 6 Cs of team building at the heart of your activities, so that staff can maximise their time at events and after events.

    Embrace the momentum

    Continue the journey

    Right after the team-building event, it’s crucial to maintain the momentum. Gather your team and have a brief post-event meeting. Reflect on the activities, lessons learned, and the fun moments shared. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and feelings.

    Express gratitude

    Express your gratitude to the team for their active participation and collaboration during the event. A simple thank-you note or message can go a long way in making your team members feel appreciated.

    Hopefully, this will encourage more team members to come to other events, even if it is a quick trip to the pub with colleagues after the completion of a tough project.

    Share feedback

    Allow team members to share their feedback on the team-building day. What did they enjoy the most, and what could be improved for future events? This feedback will be invaluable for planning future team-building activities.

    However, it will also offer insight into what motivates those team members. Make sure to take this information on board and do your best to implement any feedback that staff have to ensure motivation is kept high within the workplace.

    Organise a themed event

    Keep the fun going

    One great way to extend the fun is by organising a themed lunch or dinner (or other event). Choose a theme that resonates with your team, and encourage everyone to dress up accordingly. It’s a fantastic way to create a light and enjoyable atmosphere.

    Similarly, if your team have a hybrid or work from home culture, making it difficult for regular catch ups in person, ensure that follow up meetings in person are scheduled periodically so that the team day doesn’t become a one off event.

    Team awards

    During the themed event, you can also hand out fun team awards. Acknowledge team members for their unique qualities or contributions. It’s an excellent way to boost team morale and celebrate individuality.

    Just be careful not to leave anyone out. Recognise staff for their achievements, big and small, so that they feel valued.

    Share stories

    Encourage team members to share stories or anecdotes related to the team-building activities. This not only keeps the memories alive but also strengthens the bonds among team members.

    Alternatively, if you have internal forms of promotion, you could share these stories (and potentially photos from the event) with staff to remind them of the fun they had.

    Plan collaborative projects

    Unleash creativity

    To sustain the collaborative spirit, consider planning collaborative projects or tasks. These projects can be work-related or even community-oriented. Working together on a common goal will further enhance teamwork.

    Try to ensure this has by-in from staff though – forcing them into a situation that they have no interest in could dampen the impact from the initial team building day, rather than building on it.

    Support causes

    Engaging in philanthropic activities as a team can be incredibly rewarding. Choose a cause that resonates with your team and volunteer or donate to make a positive impact on the community.

    Finding out what makes your team tick by learning what causes they care about can also be a good way to build internal motivation and give staff control over the team building activities that your organisation does in the future.

    Professional development

    Invest in the professional development of your team members. Offer workshops, courses, or seminars that can help them acquire new skills and knowledge, further strengthening their abilities to work together effectively.

    Staff are usually more motivated by companies that offer long term plans for their development. So whilst a one off team building activity or day can be a really positive experience, if it is the sole option for development your company offers then eventually the novelty will wear off.

    Team challenges and games

    Keep it exciting

    Organise periodic team challenges and games. This keeps the excitement alive and provides a platform for team members to continue working together in a fun and competitive environment.

    The benefit of doing this is that it’s often free. These can be organised internally for very little money and time, all whilst fostering a sense of togetherness and team work.

    Sports day

    A sports day can be a great idea, with various outdoor activities and games. It encourages physical activity and healthy competition among team members.

    Just be ensure that this doesn’t overwhelm some members, and ensure that all of your team can participate in the event. If you have team members with disabilities that may prohibit their involvement, then consider what sports or events they can partake in.


    Whether you’ve joined How To Basically at one of our Corporate Team Building days in Sussex, or you’ve gone Go Karting, or you’ve organised a hiking trip with your team (or any of the other great team building activities available), it’s important to follow up all corporate team building activities.

    Many organisations do one-off events and hope that this lifts morale. It may do in the short term. Unfortunately, if there’s not a long term plan to improve staff and to build on what your team have learned or how they’ve developed, then it can end up feeling hollow.

    Plan in activities throughout the year to encourage team building and then communicate these to staff, ensuring that as many people can attend as possible.

    And once your team see you are invested in them over the longer term, you should hopefully see the results in improved motivation, collaboration and productivity.

    If you and your team are thinking of a fun team building activity, How To Basically’s corporate team building days offer excellent value for money.

    Not only will your team learn lots of day to day DIY skills, but they will learn many of the soft skills that come from team building activities, like leadership and collaboration.

    Talk to the How To Basically team today to discuss your team building day or fill in the form below. Our team will be in contact as soon as possible:

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