Pallet wood work



Pallets are a widely available (and often free) source of useful, versatile timber which are often discarded or left to rot. However they can be repurposed to make many useful, practical and decorative items for your home and garden.

During this workshop you’ll learn how to break up a pallet and prepare the wood by sanding and sawing it to measure. You’ll get some basic instructions on how to use a power drill with wood so that you can build something which is handmade, unique and sustainable to take away with you.

You will learn many transferable skills during this course including basic sanding and wood preparation; cutting & sawing timber and using a power drill with wood.  You will be amazed by how many things can be created from the simple pallet ad this course speaks to the heart of our “reuse don’t replace” ethos at How to Basically.

Once you’ve done this course you’ll never look at an old pallet in the same way!

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